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Bus transportation is usually provided for our away meets during the week. If we have a swim meet during the weekend, parents/guardians will be responsible for getting the swimmers to the home or away pool. There will always be a sign-up sheet for those swimmers wishing to ride the bus.

If a swimmer is unable to attend a meet, parents/guardians must sign them out in SwimTopia. Because absences from meets effect not only the swimmer themselves, but typically two or more relays, if a swimmer is sick the day of a meet, please call one of the coaches as early in the day as possible so that the appropriate changes can be made ahead of time.

If a swimmer does not attend a meet and did not sign out ahead of time, they will not be eligible to swim in the next meet. A lot of time and effort goes into preparing for the meet and when a swimmer does not show up, not only does it affect the individual events they were scheduled to swim, but also their teammates who were in the relay with them.

Swimmers must sit in the team area during the meets and should stay in the team area unless cheering for a swimmer. If they need to leave the team area, they must tell either a coach or their age group captain. It is important that the coaches and age group captains know where the swimmers are at all times so they don’t miss their events.

During the swim meets swimmers are required to wear either a team suit (sold at the beginning of the season) or black suit/orange and black suit along with the team cap or an orange, black, or white cap.

Swimmers (and parents, family and friends) are asked to wear Jersey Shore apparel (or team colors – orange and black) to all the meets. Wearing the team apparel promotes team pride and unity. It also helps the coaches, parents and swimmers locate our team members.

The swimmers’ meet bag should be packed with all the essentials - team suit, team cap, flip flops, shirt/shorts or sweat shirt/pants to wear on deck, goggles (plus an extra pair), towels, hair ties, water bottle/Gatorade and money for the concession stand. Since the meets are long, it is also a good idea to bring a book to read, cards or quiet game to play. Again, don’t forget to put the swimmer’s name on all items.

No jewelry is to be worn at a meet.

No one is allowed to leave the meet early unless they let the coaches know first. For away meets, the coaches will have a sign-out sheet so that they know who has left and will not be riding the bus home.

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