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Practices are broken down by age group. It is important that each swimmer come to their specific practice time.

Morning Practices - Monday through Friday

8:00 – 9:30 AM: 12 & Unders, 14 & Unders, 15 & Over – Begins June 18th contingent upon weather

Evening Practices - Monday through Thursday

7:00 – 8:00 PM:  8 & Unders, 10 & Unders

8:00 – 9:00 PM:  12 & Unders, 14 & Unders, 15 & Over

Evening practices are scheduled Monday through Thursday – there will be no Friday night practices as the pool would like to keep this day open for pool parties and dip-n-dances. Morning practices are scheduled Monday through Friday. All swimmers should be at practice early so that they are able to help get the pool equipment set up and stay afterwards to tear down!

Practices are an important part of being on the team. You must come to the practices if you expect to swim in the meets.

Swimmers will be placed in their lanes during practice according to their swimming abilities, not boys in one lane, girls in another.

Practice will be held even if it rains. The only time a practice will be cancelled is due to a thunder or lightening storm.

Make sure swimmers come prepared for practices and bring the proper “equipment” with them –

  • Swimsuit, cap and goggles
  • Towels and water bottle (a water bottle is VERY important)
  • Kickboard and pull bouy (if they prefer to use their own)

It is a good idea to have extras of these items in their swim bags in case something breaks during practice. The swimmer’s name should be written somewhere on each of their items.

The only time anyone is allowed in the pool is if they are in the water practicing. Since there is no lifeguard on duty, only the swimmers on the team will be allowed in the pool during practice - no one is allowed in either the deep end or in the shallow end of the pool at any time. All pool rules must be followed such as no running, horseplay, etc.

Parents are welcome to watch practice and encouraged to help out if so desired. You don’t need to know anything about swimming to help out. If you can stand at the end of a lane and say “touch with two hands, touch with two hands”, you have all the skills necessary!


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